Sustainable gastronomy? Word up!

Our statements contain a series of messages and values that we, as a company, aim to convey regarding our philosophy and culinary offerings. We live sustainable gastronomy, day by day. Don’t just follow us on Instagram, but also our motto:

Real Taste. No Waste.

SWEET HOME – Consume locally, enjoy seasonally, and sometimes make it yourself.

For us, regional sourcing is of utmost importance, which is why we obtain our ingredients, such as bread and meat, from the immediate vicinity to ensure that you always enjoy fresh and high-quality products. At the same time, we support local agriculture and strengthen our community.

Consume seasonal products consciously! Our burger topping called “Seasonal Veggie” and our special creations, aka “Burger of the Month,” adapt to the seasons, ensuring that you always get the best and freshest ingredients on your plate.. We firmly believe that seasonal ingredients not only enhance the taste and quality of our burgers but also make an important contribution to sustainable, local economies.

Our goal is not only to serve delicious dishes but also to inspire you to create homemade burgers in your own kitchen. You can get the appropriate recipes and skills at one of our exclusive “Omnom Masterclass” cooking courses.

FAIR PAY – Respect what you eat, value your traders, and consciously invest more.

The topic of “fair pay” is on everyone’s lips. Our team and our suppliers must be fairly compensated. We understand this fact not only as an ethical obligation but also as a social responsibility. With this mindset, we advocate for fair working conditions and the appreciation of our team members and partners.

Consciously think about where your food comes from and how it is produced. “Respect what you eat” is our plea.ll. We value quality, origin, and sustainability, and hope that you reflect this in your food choices. Because food deserves respect.

Achte auf deine Trader” means that we have carefully selected suppliers and partners who share our values regarding quality and sustainability. We cultivate responsible business relationships and focus on sustainable partnerships. On the other hand, we always hope that our guests also pay attention to the selection of their food suppliers.

Consciously invest more in high-quality, sustainable food, such as Omnom Burger. We believe that a conscious investment in high-quality food not only enhances your enjoyment but also has positive effects on food production and distribution. Resulting positive health aspects are not excluded.

LOVE MOTHER – Care for your Earth, keep the water clean, and reduce your smoke.

Every person has a responsibility towards the environment and future generations. “Care for your Earth” stands for us promoting environmentally friendly practices in the selection and preparation of our food. We advocate for sustainable agriculture and the prevention of food waste to protect the Earth from which we source our ingredients. That’s how our so-called “Pomnommes” are made from organic potatoes of Demeter quality.

We urge you to join us in “keeping the water clean.” That means reducing water consumption and ensuring that wastewater is properly treated to minimize any environmental impact. This way, we can all contribute to preserving our precious water resources.

Reduce your smoke where possible! This is not just a tip to finally quit smoking, but a call to contribute to the reduction of air pollution. For example, we embrace environmentally friendly trends in our kitchen and take measures to reduce emissions, minimizing our environmental impact. At Omnom Burger, in addition to regional beef patties, you also get 3 vegan patty options made from vegetables and meat substitutes.

REAL TASTE – Process your love fresh, don’t freeze it, and live true flavor.

For us, the freshness of the ingredients comes first. We are committed to using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Our burgers are prepared with love and care, without the use of processed or frozen ingredients. Our goal is to achieve the highest taste and quality standards.

“Love must be processed fresh” means that we preserve the taste of our fresh ingredients through careful preparation and by avoiding frozen products. You can be sure that every burger we serve offers the unadulterated and delightful taste of fresh ingredients.

Our passion is for “real taste.” We rely on natural products that require little to no artificial additives. We want every bite of our burgers to offer an unadulterated taste experience, allowing you to exclaim “omnomnom” with delight.

NO WASTE – Avoid unnecessary waste, utilize your resources, and create more value from them.

Unnecessary food waste must be minimized. This means that we plan our purchases daily to avoid wasting any food. So, leftover burger buns, for example, aren’t simply thrown away; instead, the crumbs obtained from them are used to enhance our desserts, such as cookies or cheesecake. With this practice, we demonstrate our commitment to environmental protection and the careful use of resources.

Utilize your resources completely! This means maximizing the use of every part of a food or raw material to avoid food waste. There are countless recipes for this available on the internet. This sustainable approach helps reduce food overproduction and appreciate the value of each resource..