ABout us – Über uns

The minds behind the burgers.

It all started in 2014 with a small burger joint at Wiedner Hauptstraße 125. Actually, it began even before that; with months of preparation, night-long planning, a lot of sweat, and plenty of passion. Well, to be completely accurate, it actually started even before that. With two friends and a single, simple idea:
One must consciously enjoy burgers!

These two friends, Daniel and Kenan, were once schoolmates and are, to this day, culinary brothers. Not only were they united by the idea of reinventing really good burgers, but also by the iron will to see it through.

The most important ingredient: Conviction

Before everything could start, the two spent a year renovating a run-down snack bar at the upper end of Wiedner Hauptstraße. With great attention to detail and the help of talented friends, the unique Omnom Burger concept around the red bull was created – and the foundation for fulfilling the dream.

Daniel and Kenan did what they do best. Take a big bite, and do it right. Thus, they stood in their burger shop seven days a week, from early until very late, putting everything into making their project a reality. For they were convinced that even with convenience food like burgers, it’s important to pay attention to origin and sustainability. And that while it may be difficult, it is not impossible.

A delicious concept succeeds

The standards they set for themselves were clear: Daily fresh burgers with regional ingredients and a focus on organic. No frozen goods, only sustainable and compostable packaging material, and no unnecessary food waste. That’s why burgers were only cooked as long as the supply lasted. And since the first day, they have adhered to the principle: Nothing is made cheaper for the guests or more expensive for the owners – improvements are always made only for the burgers.

This concept still applies today.

… and it went nom

The burger joint, which was originally just a small snack bar, grew and opened a second location at Sechsschimmelgasse 24, 1090 Vienna. The team, once consisting of just the two founders, grew to 28 dedicated employees who work every day to ensure that all guests can enjoy not only excellent burgers but also do so with a clear conscience..

The Turning Point

The fact that twice as much work does not always yield twice as much return was a lesson learned by the two entrepreneurs in 2020. For one logical, for the other frustrating – simultaneously searching for more, the success of organic growth gradually led the two business partners apart, step by step.

No one expected that

Virus, lockdown, inflation, and recession. Terms that had no meaning in the life of the Omnom Brothers until then suddenly became an existential threat. Thanks to a strong Omnom community, a stable team, and a healthy business foundation, Omnom Burger narrowly avoided bankruptcy in 2022.

Conclusion and Reconstruction

Marked by the events they had survived, a sinking ship was abandoned by one of the two captains in 2023. To make a fresh start, the opening hours of the existing branch in Alsergrund were halved, and the Margareten location was abandoned with a heavy heart.

An anniversary seldom comes alone

2024 marks a significant year for Vienna’s juiciest burger joint. Not only will the 10-year anniversary be celebrated, but also the beginning of a new era under the leadership of Daniel, Thomas, and Raphael. This trio not only brings experience and passion but also a shared vision: to offer high-quality food in Vienna’s gastronomic scene while simultaneously minimizing food waste.

The journey continues

With the same passion and commitment that started everything a decade ago. Omnom Burger continues its journey. Once a small burger joint, Omnom Burger is now a symbol of culinary excellence and sustainable practices.